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Alt-Berg Leder-Gris Leather Wax

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Leder-Gris is a traditional wax-oil treatment for leather boots. It was originally developed in 1994 by Alt-berg Bootmakers to meet the needs of a modern leather that is water repellent and difficult to proof with other water based proofers or treatments. The Leder-Gris contains both wax and oil, the oil penetrates the surface of the leather to keep it supple and the wax remains on the surface to increase water resistance.

When applying the Leder-Gris use a brush and apply sparingly when the boot is nearly dry after cleaning. Buff it in vigorously to drive the oils into the leather with the same brush.

Alt-Berg Leder-Gris Leather Wax
80g tin Leder-Gris Water repellent wax oil.

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